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Glen Ronald - Series 1 - Voices of Chaos

Don't miss the first 5 limited edition hand-embellished prints by Glen Ronald. These 5 beautiful pieces have been selected as a showcase of Glen's style and are can't miss pieces for your collection. 

Voices of Chaos is an exploratory experience into the mind of Glen Ronald. Voices of Chaos brings to light the voices that drive Glen's work through interactive projections and 5 limited edition hand embellished prints.

Glen is an artist to his core. As a kid, he was always drawing, but unlike most of us he kept going when he was a teenager. He got an honours degree in microbiology but that did not satisfy him. He went to art school and started figuring out what he loved. Then he got another degree and started steel working and teaching overseas to pay for those degrees. All the while painting and showing in galleries at home and abroad. Always laying down chaos and pulling out the order therein.